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Unknown person in somewhere 6:01 (2022) (Short version for web)



 This video was created using an iOS app called "Cappy". (The application is no longer available.)

"Cappy" can create simple 3D scans using the iPhone and iPad camera functions.
Within this app, a large number of incomplete 3D self-portraits, mainly scans of their own faces, left by people who may belong to various countries, regions, and ethnic groups around the world are stored.
They are probably rarely looked back on by the people who took them, but with this app, anyone can freely browse through this mass of self-portraits, select any of them, and place them in the camera's field of view using AR technology.
The placed images can be rotated, floated in the air, made smaller or larger, but that was all.
I found this app too pointless and nonsensical to be interesting.
I went to several oceans in my area, selected them in the order they appeared, placed and recorded them.
Then I picked and arranged the ones that would later look oddly beautiful.

Sound sources: Schumann, broken guitar, brass harp, sounds of playing with friends long ago, ocean, Instagram, kids playing, closed museums.

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